CHH Mandaue In-Patient Appointment
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ALL CathLab procedures should be booked at CHHCapitol Site.

Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis

Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis:

not pigtail

(2 hours)

Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Ultrasound Guided Procedures:

all ultrasound guided procedures (including pigtail paracentesis, pigtail abscess drainage, cholecystostomy placement) except:
needle paracentesis

anesthesia preferred

(1 hour)



done at Fluoroscopy with ultrasound

with anesthesia

(2 hours)

CT Guided Procedures

CT Guided Procedures:

preferably with anesthesia

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Catheter Replacement

Catheter Replacement:

for nephrostomy, PTBD, Cholecystostomy and etc under fluoroscopy guidance.

(1 hour)